The 25 Companies With The Best Pay, According To Employees

The 25 Companies With The Best Pay, According To Employees

Job-hunting site just released its new list of the Top 25 Companies for Compensation and Benefits, as ranked by employees.

In compiling its list, Glassdoor relied on feedback from employees over the past year who rated their satisfaction with their salary and compensation on a five-point scale.

Given the kind of perks that tech companies shower their employees with these days, it’s no surprise that the tech industry dominates the list.

The second-most-represented industry is biotech-pharma, with three companies in the top 25.

And one retailer made the list at a surprisingly high spot.

No. 1 Google

Employee rating of salary and benefits:  4.4

Sample average salary: Google Product Manager Annual Salary, $146,215

Google Software Engineer Annual Salary, $127,315

“The company really takes care of us professionally and personally. The benefits are incredibly high. My team has been on offsites to Tahoe, Vegas, and Hawaii in the last year. The company creates an environment where you don’t really want to leave campus.” — Google senior software engineer (Mountain View, CA),43.htm



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