25 Things You Should Do (Before You Die)


1. Live somewhere vastly different from your hometown.

2. Go out of your way to help a stranger.

3. Learn how to appreciate being alone.

4. Travel without being a tourist.

5. Take a trip without making any plans.

6. Go paragliding/parasailing/skydiving — anything where you’re flying through the air.

7. Learn how to get by on the bare minimum.

8. Work a service job.

9. Become comfortable speaking in public.

10. Participate in an endurance trial like a marathon.

11. Go scuba diving.

12. Learn to dance.

13. Run or volunteer for some position of leadership.

14. Learn to appreciate failure.

15. Witness the birth of a child.

16. Develop a bond with an animal.

17. Ride an elephant.

18. Drive as fast as you can down an empty road.

19. Become as good as you can at one sport.

20. Take a sabbatical from work.

21. Meditate in a redwood forest.

22. Fly down a mountain on skis or a snowboard.

23. Camp in the wilderness hundreds of miles from civilization.

24. Perform on stage.

25. Swim in the “Devil’s Pool” above Victoria Falls in Zambia.




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