Have USA sw engineers a huge salary?

Have USA sw engineers a huge salary?

Data from the job-hunting site Glassdoor ( they only included companies in which at least 20 software engineers reported their salaries in the past two years)

The results are interesting: Being a software engineer (also called “programmer” or “software developer”) is a good paying job, no matter where you work. But even in the tech industry, software engineers are not, on average, getting outrageous paychecks. And one huge retailer, known for low wages, pays its developers surprisingly well.

  • GE, $80,235
  • Verizon, $86,859
  • Comcast, $91,984
  • IBM, $92,418
  • Samsung, $92,667
  • JPMorgan Chase, $95,270
  • Bank of America, $95,325
  • Amazon, $105,709
  • Intel, $106,234
  • Microsoft, $108,712
  • Oracle, $112,681
  • Facebook, $122,695
  • Walmart, $124,433
  • Apple, $125,695
  • Google, $127,827



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