The UK threatens quotas for EU workers, approaching the “point of no return.”

The UK threatens quotas for EU workers, approaching the “point of no return.”

PM plans to slash EU migration by imposing an annual cap on the number of national insurance numbers given to low-skilled immigrants from Europe.

Under plans being drawn up in Downing Street, new arrivals would get a national insurance number only for a limited period, to prevent them from coming to Britain to work and claim tax credits indefinitely

However, it emerged over the weekend that Mr Cameron might now be modifying his initial plans to impose quotas on low-skilled EU migrants to appease Ms Merkel. The Sunday Times newspaper reported that Downing Street was focusing instead on stretching existing commission rules “to their limits” by deporting migrants from member states unless they are able to support themselves within three months of arrival.

“The Europeans who come here are coming here for jobs,” Mr Clarke told the BBC. “They’re filling skills we haven’t got and they’re working in our economy. There’s less of abuse of benefits amongst the Eastern Europeans than there is amongst the native British population here.”

2 thoughts on “The UK threatens quotas for EU workers, approaching the “point of no return.”

  1. If the UK doesn’t want desperately poor workers flooding in from Eastern Europe, then the UK should stop allowing corrupt Oligarchs to use London as a base while they loot Eastern Europe. Russia, Ukraine, and Latvia have been devastated this way. For example Russian/Ukrainian/Latvian offshore bank Parex fraudulently borrowed over a billion euros in London while a whistleblower begged the FSA and SFO to shut down the fraud, and Latvia’s economy was destroyed as a result.

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