MALTA con un futuro al sole anche secondo le ultime proiezioni della Commissione Europea

MALTA con un futuro al sole anche secondo le ultime proiezioni della Commissione Europea

Infatti, la crescita degli investimenti esteri, il miglioramento del mercato del lavoro e la crescita del reddito disponibile, impatteranno in modo significativo sui consumi, l’efficienza e l’attrattività di Malta.

MALTA è un paese alla luce del sole anche per i dati macroeconomici, in un quadro europea quasi ovunque sconsolante, fatto di bassa ripresa e scarsa inflazione …… per l’Italia preferisco dire “NON PERVENUTA”

A voi i dati ma soprattutto il pensiero e le azioni conseguenti


The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs For Math Geeks

Are you good with numbers, data, or spreadsheets? Don’t be afraid to show off your skills — as it turns out, being a “math geek” is quite lucrative. 

New data from PayScale reports that the median salary for math majors is $70,900 — compared to a median salary of $58,600 for all college grads. Some professions, such as data scientists and quantitative analysts, are even higher, with median salaries upwards of $100,000.

Highest Paying Jobs for Math Geeks

Tech Pay Hits A New Record: This Is What Software Engineers Earn BEFORE Their Bonuses

The average base salary of a software engineer in the US is getting closer to $100,000. This year, the average is $97,098, up just a few dollars from the year before.

European engineers, however, earn a lot less. But they did get a big boost in base pay this year: Salaries in Europe average €43,536 ($55,329) before bonuses are paid, up 9% from €39,498 ($50,198) in 2013.

Glassdoor tech salaries comparison nologo

Amazon unveiled a talking computer and surprised everyone with a crazy speaker that talks to you

A 10-inch tube called “Echo” is Amazon’s take on Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Echo, which costs $199 (or $99 for Prime members) and ships in a few weeks on an invite-only basis, responds to verbal commands with music, news, weather, and other personal assistant-type information

Echo questions

Bitcoin or Bit-con? Bitcoin Firm Head Charged in First-of-Kind Ponzi Case

Trendon Shavers, founder of Bitcoin Savings and Trust, raised at least 764,000 bitcoins by promising investors a return of as much as 3,641 percent, prosecutors said. Instead, he used bitcoins from new investors to cover payments owed to earlier clients, while also tapping into the currency to pay for his own Las Vegas gambling and spa treatments

Shavers’s arrest comes as the U.S. intensifies its scrutiny of bitcoins. Prosecutors last year charged Ross William Ulbricht with running the $1.2 billion online bazaar called Silk Road in which drug dealers used the digital currency to buy heroin, phony passports and hacking services. He denies wrongdoing. Today, Bharara accused another man, Blake Benthall, with operating a virtually identical site called Silk Road 2.0.