In search of female Nordic bosses. Why are there so few of them in the world’s most women-friendly workplaces?

Too vague, or too prescriptive
The two main ways to advance women’s business careers that have been tried so far—female-friendly social policies and board quotas—suffer from opposite problems. The first is too vague: it makes life easier for women but does not encourage them to aim higher. The second is too prescriptive: it provides guaranteed places for a select group in a specific role, without strengthening the career ladder for women as a whole.|hig|13-11-2014|

Feet, forks, fingers, sleep, stress, and love- are the 6-cylinders in the engine of lifestyle as medicine. The covariance of proposition and preposition

Eeat diets of food, not too much, mostly plants; they exercise routinely; they don’t smoke; they sleep enough; they are not ridiculously stressed out; and their social connections are strong.

Feet, forks, fingers, sleep, stress, and love- are the 6-cylinders in the engine of lifestyle as medicine. The covariance of proposition and preposition

But the Blue Zones are also noteworthy for their diversity. In Loma Linda, California, they are vegans. In Costa Rica, their diet includes eggs, dairy, and meat. In Ikaria, Greece and Sardinia, Italy they practice variations on the theme of Mediterranean diets. In Okinawa, Japan, a traditional plant-based, rice-centric diet produces the same outstanding results.

In all cases, the theme is the same: real food, not too much, mostly plants. Or put even more generically: wholesome foods, in sensible combinations. Unlike us here in the USA, if it glows in the dark by some contrivance other than bioluminescence- they don’t eat it!

Why choose low-fat or low-carb, when there are good and bad sources of fat, good and bad sources of carbohydrate? Why choose between low-glycemic and low-salt, when a diet of wholesome foods results reliably in both? Why choose between the quantity of calories and the quality, when the best way to control the former without perennial hunger is to improve the latter? Why choose any dietary dogma at all?

Can we say what diet is best? Yes, in fact, we can. But only if we grow up, get real, and look beyond the beauty pageant

A Malta con MALTAway per raccogliere i frutti della nuova era basata sul web, l’ Internet of Things (IoT)

A Malta con MALTAway per raccogliere i frutti della nuova era basata sul web, l’ Internet of Things (IoT)

Questo modello e approccio tecnologico può contribuire all’ottimizzazione incrementale e anche significativa delle performance di sistema, per l’individuo, la famiglia, le corporations e la società intera,

ma soprattutto è il catalizzatore di nuovi modelli di business, dalla sharing economy alla gestione dei rischi.

Qui a MALTA trovi il presente e il futuro di Internet of Things e con MALTAway puoi:


sviluppare e differenziare le soluzioni,

crescere nel mercato EMEA, in quello Asiatico e quello USA,

trovare connessioni digitali e di business,

Perchè a MALTA puoi far crescere con la luce del sole la grande pianta di INTERNET of THINGS,

grazie a te, all’infrastruttura digitale, finanziaria, professionale e al tuo IP box per proteggere e sviluppare la proprietà intellettuale

maltaway_balattiboardmember_internet of things

50-1 modi per perdere il tuo denaro nel mercato Forex

68 percent degli investitori ha prodotto un risultato netto negativo, perdite quindi, con operazioni di trading nel mercato valutario

Attenzione all’effetto leva disponibile su molte piattaforme che assomigliano sempre più alla Roulette. Il tuo broker non è in una posizione neutrale, spesso è la tua controparte della tua operazione

Considera che è come se tu prelevassi €2,000 dal tuo conto per un’operazione di trading nel mercato forex: ti troveresti ad operare con un potere d’acquisto equivalente a €100,000, sembra un succo goloso ma è la strada per distruggere il tuo denaro in pochi giorni

Questo modo di fare le cose non è MALTAway!

Regulators Want Banks to Rescue Themselves Next Time

“I suppose we should talk about the Financial Stability Board’s new global anti-too-big-to-fail proposal? … The point is not just to have well-capitalized banks. It’s to know what would happen if a bank runs into trouble.”

A bank is a collection of probabilities. You can estimate how much its assets are worth. But the assets may be worth much more, or much less, than you think

This is basically how capital regulation works

Put Currency Cheats on Trial. Some countries did it, some not

The currency-rigging scandal that saw five banks fined $3.3 billion today has also prompted the Bank of England to dismiss its chief trader in the market. His departure is further evidence of the culture of collusion that’s infected the world of finance and is unlikely to change until more people are prosecuted for wrongdoing.

<p>Money is a confidence trick. Discuss.</p><br />
 Photographer: Scott Eells/Bloomberg

50-1 Ways to Lose Your Money in Forex

“Success in trading is not a fantasy; it’s a formula”

“Probably the most consistent thing is losing”

68 percent of investors had a net loss from trading in each of the past four quarters

Retail forex investors, many of whom are well educated in fields other than finance, enter into a market that is lightly regulated, opaque and rife with conflicts of interest.

And they are allowed to supercharge their bets with the kind of leverage — as much as 50:1 — that investors in other asset classes can only dream of. That kind of juice can lead to wins, but more often than not, it leads to big losses. Investors can have their entire investment wiped out in a matter of days.

Imagine if you took $2,000 from your bank account and traded it in the forex market. It would be worth $100,000 of buying power