Il prelievo forzoso in banca non farà sconti a nessuno

Il prelievo forzoso in banca non farà sconti a nessuno

In caso di crisi nel credito, saranno colpiti anche i depositi inferiori ai 100mila euro. Verrebbe meno la clausola di salvaguardia finora sempre garantita ai risparmiatori

Prima l’European Stability Mechanism, poi abbiamo trovato le clausole di ristrutturazione per chi sottoscrive il debito pubblico, poi il Single resolution mechanism, poi alcune banche Italiane non pagano le cedole delle obbligazioni, ora cade la garanzia sui depositi sino a €100k……

You can’t connect the dots looking forward;you can only connect them looking backwards(S.Jobs)

MALTAway è la via di accesso alla protezione del tuo patrimonio e del tuo risparmio, in modo trasparente e alla luce del sole  in una giurisdizione compliant con le norme OCSE ed Europee

Stock Market Detached From Real Economy

Stock Market Detached From Real Economy
Think about this for a moment. The stock market is comprised of thousands of companies doing business in the economy. Therefore, it only makes sense that the value of the stock market should be a reflection of the economy. As the economy ebbs and flows, so should the values of the companies that are operating within it. This idea can be demonstrated by looking at the real, inflation-adjusted, price of the S&P 500 as a percentage of real GDP.

“One principle for sure would be to get out of anything that falls below the 200-day moving average. ”

That simple piece of advice would save investors an immense amount of heartache and wealth if they would only tune out the media and pay attention to the trend.