Acquisitions: Just do it and sort out the people issues afterwards

No other times in a company’s life when communication is so important to employees than during a layoff or an acquisition

Letter of Intent (LOI)
Communication between the LOI and official closing may be legally limited. Information Compensation needs to conduct a due diligence will probably be the only communication allowed.
Between LOI and closing
In addition to analyzing compensation of the company and making recommendations, prepare a communication plan for after closing. The plan should include what materials to use in town hall-type meetings, small group meetings, website FAQs, mailings to homes, e-newsletters and other communication channels.
Immediately upon close
**Hold compensation training sessions for all management at the new company to enable them to answer employee questions.
**Hold employee meetings to communicate details of new compensation/benefits plans and policies and timing of any changes.
**Show employees “before and after” differences in plans/policies and provide rationale for decisions.
**Communicate individual pay packages in one-on-ones with the manager.

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