The Corporate HQ Is an Anachronism

The Corporate HQ Is an Anachronism

The top floor of the HQ building is often reserved for such leaders, including the CEO and his or her lieutenants, and this is where decisions are made and disseminated, funds are allocated, and promotions are determined. The next rung of leaders who operate from different geographies or second-tier P&Ls often have to converge on this center of gravity for reviews and the occasional reprimand. The time has come for us to rethink this concentration of leadership.

Malta as your next corporate domicile, is a perfect combination of High skills availability, fiscal and cost reduction, easy and stable regulamentary environment, centre of the business operations in the EMEA area

Change today is exponential and calls for rapid information flows, quick decisions, and speedy responses to unforeseen events. Technology has compressed time, costs, and distance considerably

The 21st century company should repurpose the role and placement of leaders. Leaders should be where the action is: where customers are and where decisions should be made. This way their understanding and appreciation of what is needed is multiplied and they become facilitators of action as it happens, not gatekeepers, reviewers, or controllers.

By distributing leaders to these critical points, an organization can shape shift in accordance to the context and realities it has to deal with while they are happening. This is what is likely to make it more agile and responsive.



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