The 25 most exciting bitcoin startups

The 25 most exciting bitcoin startups

The bitcoin ecosystem has never been more diverse, with multimillion-dollar companies trying to take the digital currency “mainstream” and hackers dreaming up a new blockchain-powered social order.
The 25 most ambitious projects out there, taking the basic principles underpinning the decentralised digital currency in the most outlandish — and exciting — directions.

25. Edgelogic: Stamping out diamond thieves
24. Blade: Getting shops to take bitcoin
23. Coinapult: Pegging bitcoin to commodity prices
22. BitPesa: Remittances to Africa
21. Ledger Wallet: A physical bitcoin wallet for your pocket
20. Ripple: Fixing the flaws in bitcoin
19. BTCJam: Peer-to-peer lending
18. Elliptic: Secure storage
17. Coinalytics: Analytics for the bitcoin economy
16. Circle: Taking the bitcoin out of bitcoin
15. Factom: Using the Blockchain as an all-purpose record-keeper
14. World Passport: A store for identity documents
13. ChromaWay (and coloured coins): A new way to represent physical assets
12. Blockchain: The best tool for exploring the blockchain

11. Filecoin: Storage space via bitcoin
10. DarkWallet: Untraceable bitcoin wallets
9. Blockstream: Linking other alt-currencies to bitcoin
8. Swarm: Providing decentralised governance
7. Gemini: Fully regulated bitcoin exchange
6. BitPagos: Solving real-world currency instability in developing countries
5. CoinDesk: A bitcoin news site
4. ChangeTip: Tipping for bitcoin
3. Coinbase: Developing bitcoin’s infrastructure
2. Ethereum (and Counterparty): Autonomous, decentralised app distribution
1. 21: “Core infrastructure for mainstreaming bitcoin”


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