About founder, shareholders, governance and compensation

About founder, shareholders, governance and compensation

Almost half of Salesforce shareholders voted against CEO Marc Benioff’s $39 million pay package

It’s rare to see a company doing as well as Salesforce — both in terms of revenue and stock performance — have almost half of its shareholders vote against executive compensation packages.
Of course, the shareholder votes are purely advisory. But it may be a sign of shareholders growing tired of Salesforce executives’ rich compensation.
Last year, CEO Marc Benioff made $39.9 million in total compensation, a 25% raise from last year, with about $34.3 million coming in option awards. Its CFO Mark Hawkins made roughly $9.9 million, while President and Vice Chairman Keith Block made about $12.4 million in total.
In aggregate, the seven named executive officers made approximately $89.7 million in total compensation. That’s more than 13% of the total general and administrative cost, where legal, utilities, and executive salary expenses are all looped in together.



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