Online Platforms Are Leveling the Playing Field with online certifications

Online Platforms Are Leveling the Playing Field with online certifications 

A computer science degree doesn’t have an exclusive relationship with coding ability. While it’s certainly useful, coders who have degrees don’t seem to end up making more than coders who don’t.

The democratization of credentialing has the potential to get rid of these barriers. There’s no intrinsic reason that high-quality credentials also need to be expensive and hard to access. Top technology firms are hiring graduates of new coding-oriented programs likeGeneral Assembly and Hack Reactor. Many employers are beginning to trust Courseracertifications, and the online education platform recently formed partnerships with a number of tech companies, including Google and Instagram, in order to offer more intensive microdegree courses

Democratized credentials open up new pools of talent. For companies and for job-seekers alike, the ultimate goal isn’t to collect gold stars. It’s to reveal what an individual actually knows, and what she’s able to do. Ideally, a credential isn’t an arbitrary gateway, but an opportunity.


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