MALTA BUS: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

MALTA BUS: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

The first 40 new narrow buses will arrive in Malta next month, Malta Public Transport has confirmed.

A further 102 buses will arrive throughout the summer months.

The buses are being built by Otokar, based in Turkey.

In a statement, Malta Public Transport said: ‘The new buses are 9.6 meters long and slightly narrower than the majority of the existing fleet.

‘The new length will improve the flexibility for the operation as the buses will be able to manoeuvre better on certain routes.

‘These buses are low floor, providing easy access for wheelchair and pushchairs.

‘They have two doors, intended to allow people to board and alight from the buses efficiently therefore reducing boarding time.

‘The buses have a capacity of 60 passengers, equipped with a six-cylinder Cummins engine which is the very latest standards for environmentally friendly public transport’.

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