Offshore Blues For Private Banking, Malta is the EU Onshore solution

Offshore banking, the booking and management of assets outside an individual’s country of domicile, has taken a beating since the financial crisis.

Regulators across developed markets have aggressively pursued high-net-worth tax evaders, andSwitzerland has been the favorite target.

In retrospect, UBS, one of the first major banks to come under the scrutiny of the US Justice Department, got off easy. It paid a $780 million fine in 2009 for helping wealthy US clients avoid taxes on income from offshore assets. In comparison, last year, Credit Suisse agreed to pay $2.5 billion in penalties. Criminal probes of Julius Baer and HSBC by US and other regulators continue to dog the Swiss banking sector, and dozens of financial advisers there have been indicted by foreign governments for abetting tax evasion by their clients.

“Switzerland has been the scapegoat for the off-shore banking market,” says Alois Pirker, an analyst with Aite Group. He estimates fees in the Swiss offshore market have come down 25% to 30% due to the erosion of the country’s bank secrecy laws. As a result, a significant amount of money in Switzerland has returned onshore or found other safe havens.

Singapore and Hong Kong, favorite offshore destinations for Chinese wealth, are attracting high-net-worth investors from around the world. The two banking centers account for $1.4 trillion in offshore wealth and assets and are expected to continue growing by more than 10% annually.

Swiss banking, however, is not dead. It remains the original model of private banking for the world’s wealthiest people—and firms there still manage $2.4 trillion in offshore financial assets.

“Switzerland has been hit by a legal and regulatory storm, but the changes will happen elsewhere too,” notes Anna Zakrzewski, a partner with Boston Consulting Group.


INVESTMENTS in Malta: The Complexity of Simplicity

Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Families, HNWIs, Individuals, with our advice and support, find in Malta a dedicated, professional and safe Banking and Finance system within legal, tax, financial regulations suitable for business environment and wealth & assets protection

These Finance Services’ solutions for Investments in Malta, meet the clients’ needs in a stable, safe and growing economy country, member of Europe and Commonwealth as well

Behind these words , there are three basic concepts :

  • wealth protection
  • asset growth
  • income from capital

From the real estate to the financial market , through sophisticated solutions for Investment Protection & Management , we can guide you on the best way to go

MALTAway allows you to find in Malta a unique investments solution that combines:

  • legal vehicles
  • low cost structure and tax
  • efficient financial instruments
  • professional advice

to protect and growth of your WEALTH and ASSET in a jurisdiction fully compliant with the OECD and Europe regulations, placing itself at the top of global stability and fiscal efficiency

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