New Malta-Sicily crossing windsurf record set: 4h 47m

New Malta-Sicily crossing windsurf record set: 4h 47m

This is MALTA way: sign your thinking and your actions, otherwise you can only use branded products signed by someone else

Paul Ellul, has just set a national record crossing from Malta to Sicily on windsurf in 4 hours 47 minutes 34 seconds
The previous record was achieved 30 years ago by Jean Paul Fleri Soler, with a time of 5 hours 56 minutes 35 seconds.
The record was officially certified by the team who was following the attempt on board two RIBS engaged as part of the attempt.
The team had to change sail three times during the attempt due to weather conditions.
“I’m feeling good. Am obviously very happy to have achieved the new record and that at the same time we helped the Malta Community Chest Fund.
“I hope that this event also helps strengthen the windsurfing sport. It’s amazing what a group of people can achieve when they work together… this is a clear result of successful team working.
“I thank all the team, sponsors and whoever helped out in any way during the past year” Mr Ellul upon arrival in Pozzallo.
The team will spend the night in Sicily before heading back to Malta tomorrow.
The public is invited to donate €6.99 by sending an SMS saying WINDSURF on 5061 8918. Proceeds will go to the Community Chest Fund.


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