MALTA: 10th soundest banking system out of 144 economies

MALTA: 10th soundest banking system out of 144 economies

MALTAway is your gateway to Malta for business and Investments

Sound and Conservative

The country’s banks suffered no systemic shocks or failures
during the financial crisis, and the sector has continued
to be at the top of the list of safe international banking
jurisdictions. Its deep-rooted conservative approach to
banking has supported the stability of the sector. Bank
funding in Malta depends on retail deposits, not
wholesale borrowing, and has over the years stuck to
the conventional banking approach, based on old fashioned
intermediation between retail depositors and borrowers.

Maltese banks do not rely on wholesale funding to support lending
and maintain substantial liquidity and adequate capital ratios based on prudent lending policies.

maltaway_FM – Private Banking in Malta (Wealth Management 2015)



INVESTMENTS in Malta: The Complexity of Simplicity

Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Families, HNWIs, Individuals, with our advice and support, find in Malta a dedicated, professional and safe Banking and Finance system within legal, tax, financial regulations suitable for business environment and wealth & assets protection

These Finance Services’ solutions for Investments in Malta, meet the clients’ needs in a stable, safe and growing economy country, member of Europe and Commonwealth as well

Behind these words , there are three basic concepts :

  • wealth protection
  • asset growth
  • income from capital

From the real estate to the financial market , through sophisticated solutions for Investment Protection & Management , we can guide you on the best way to go

MALTAway allows you to find in Malta a unique investments solution that combines:

  • legal vehicles
  • low cost structure and tax
  • efficient financial instruments
  • professional advice

to protect and growth of your WEALTH and ASSET in a jurisdiction fully compliant with the OECD and Europe regulations, placing itself at the top of global stability and fiscal efficiency


Be aware , open a bank account in Malta as NON-RESIDENTS , is a long, demanding and selective process. We can be your Introducer and Sponsor , first checking with you that there are the conditions to proceed without wasting valuable time

Of the 22 banks authorized to conduct business in Malta , three are owned Maltese , 19 are foreign banks .

The banking system consists of the Central Bank of Malta and the ” Malta Financial Services Authority ” ( MFSA ) , an autonomous body established in 2002 legally .

The Maltese Government has launched a legislative reform aimed at transforming the island from offshore center to financial center with a high global standard of banking, financial and insurance services as well.






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