Five Stupid Rules That Drive Great Employees Away

Five Stupid Rules That Drive Great Employees Away

Business is a stiff and formal place. To be human and spontaneous is fun, but it isn’t professional!  Mah…

  1. Industrial Revolution-Era Attendance Policies
  2. Insulting Performance Review Processes If you give your managers a bell curve and tell them that only a certain percentage of employees can be rated top performers, another percentage average performers and so on, then you are literally designing mediocrity into your team. Is that what you want?

    Stack ranking is an abomination and the opposite of a leadership practice, since it pits employees against one another instead of encouraging collaboration.

  3. Manager’s-Choice Transfer And Promotion Policies
  4. Impenetrable Pay Structures
  5. Too Many Policies In General

i could read this book all day weenie with policy manual from story eight most evil hr policies linkedin march 2015

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