Malta’s main port is known as the Grand Harbour.

Maltaway is your way to access Malta for a real estate investment, a vacation, a business travel and much more….

Visit MALTA with MALTAway Travel

MALTAway TRAVEL is a HOLIDAY AND BUSINESS SPECIALIST IN MALTA , the country where we live and we know in its most diverse aspects , but always with new and competitive solutions anywhere in the world
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MALTA TRAVEL AMAZING SEA: read the updated Malta travel guide with unique information and details that just who lives in the Island can catch 

TRAVEL: HISTORY CULTURE TRADITION IN MALTA: a country rich with 7000 years long history and culture with Neolithic temples, medieval towns, picturesque villages, churches and cathedrals but also beautiful from a naturalistic point of view with its blue sea, the Caribbean lagoons, beaches, its cliffs that make the island a unique and complete location

YACHTING MALTA: MALTAway TRAVEL is the best way to organize Your sailing vacation in Malta to realize Your Dreams and Desires. Wake up In the Blue Lagoon in Comino for a solitary swim in its crystal clear blue water, or a mooring In the Xlendi Bay Gozo, leaving from anywhere in the Mediterranean Sea





Tourism chiefs say 2015 is set to be a record year for cruise liner traffic in Malta with more than 630,000 cruise passengers expected to visit Valletta.

Port of Valletta bags yet another award

For the fourth consecutive year Valletta Cruise Port has been named as the Best Turnaround Port Operator 2014 by Cruise Insight. This award recognises the impeccable service delivered by the port, and the continued development of its facilities in the last years.

“It is our pleasure to be receiving such an award. Valletta Cruise Port is constantly striving to excel in its service delivery and raise the bar year on year,” commented Valletta Cruise Port’s CEO Stephen Xuereb.

Valletta Cruise Port representatives along with other stakeholders were attending Cruise Shipping Miami 2015, the cruise industry’s most authoritative professional showcase. High passenger satisfaction ratings and recognition of Valletta’s value-based port services and facilities were highlighted by all levels of senior management within the cruise lines.

Stephen Xuereb of Valletta Cruise Port said the Grand Harbour has become one of the most important cruise ports in Europe.

He said: ‘The key drivers in this business are location, location and location. We are in the middle of the Mediterranean.

‘This aspect can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, but it mostly works to our advantage.

‘We also benefit from the fact that the cruise lines are berthing at the destination itself.

‘The unique natural beauty of the Grand Harbour, including our dedicated passenger terminal, is another plus considering that in other destinations ships are often berthed in commercial ports.

‘The Maltese economy at large is the greatest beneficiary of the unparalleled growth that the Valletta Cruise Port is experiencing.

‘In fact, in 2014 the cruise business contributed €82 million to the Maltese economy, of which €26 million were in the form of direct and indirect taxes’.

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