Study compares the expat costs of a child’s education, great opportunity in MALTA

Study compares the expat costs of a child’s education, great opportunity in MALTA

A new report has balanced the costs UK expats face when deciding whether to send their children to boarding schools in Britain or to private schools in their host countries.

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According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, the survey by currency transfer specialists FXcompared Intelligence found that the average cost of boarding schools in Britain currently stands at £31,000 a year.

Boarding fees at the likes of Eton, Harrow and Winchester all exceed £34,000 a year, while leading day schools regularly charge more than £20,000.

By comparison, average fees at the top 50 US boarding schools stand at a little under £35,000 while private school fees for day pupils range from £13,000-£32,000.

International schools in popular expat locations such as New York, Washington, DC, and Boston, cost around £21,000 a year – the same as Switzerland – while the figure for such schools in Canada and the UAE averages around £11,000.

International schools in Hong Kong cost £16,000, while the figure is £18,000 in Singapore.

Of course, many expats in English-speaking countries, such as the US, Canada and Australasia, choose to send their children to one of the very good local, public schools.

The report quotes figures the Independent Schools Council indicating that there are more than 31,000 foreign and British students whose parents live abroad, in UK independent schools.

Some of these schools charge higher fees for overseas students, adding between eight to 25 per cent to the charges.

Daniel Webber, managing director of FXCompared, said, “There are steadily increasing numbers of pupils in the UK whose parents live overseas, part of a billion pound market for international boarders at UK schools.

“It is important that people take the time to consider how they transfer the money from abroad for school fees. Using the right methods can save around £10,000 from Years 4 to 13, meaning that a full term is basically free.”

Sara Sparling, a consultant at Anderson Education, which assists British expats place their children, said they often choose the UK because they believe the standard of education is good and it will provide stability especially in the lead up to GCSEs or A-levels.

“If your children have been living overseas for some time, they may take time to acclimatise to British culture,” she told theTelegraph.

“Boarding in the UK, particularly in the sixth form, is a popular option. Students have the opportunity to gain independence in a safe and secure environment and to adapt to life in the UK before progressing to university.”



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