Unified Cloud Communications

Unified Cloud Communications

MALTA way is proud of the new technological partnership with ThinkingPhones (USA) to promote a fully cloud and unified communication platform  

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The ThinkingPhones unified cloud communications platform connects thousands of locations and employees securely, efficiently and economically – enabling necessary mobility for today’s global workplace.

MALTAway and ThinkingPhones’ mission is to make your communication systems work for you by providing apps that both you and your staff can’t live without. We seamlessly unify all of your business voice, text, and conferencing services on a single, award-winning cloud platform, connect them to your other cloud applications, and then deliver intelligent, mobile-ready apps to your staff and customers.

4 main drivers for the adoption:

COSTS: 30% – 45% Reductions in OpEx & CapEx and No capital budget consuming; Substantial reductions across variable and fixed telco costs, while enabling differentiating loyalty-driving mobile customer engagement strategies
PRODUCTIVITY: Immediate Optics and Improvement in Staff Performance In-the-moment measurement as well as enabling mobile workforce productivity via mobile UC
AGILITY: 50-200% Faster Time to Service, Time to Deliver – Global multi-tenant cloud platform and self-service capability to scale and execute moves, adds, changes fast
RISK: Availability & Compliance Delivered from the Cloud & Mobile Controls 99.99999% Availability, Immediate DR and mobile compliance controls

ThinkingPhones Solutions

Anywhere your business is, If you are a corporation, a service company, a contact center, a global professional network or a TELCO operator as well, no excuses to contact us to schedule a demo !

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