MALTA in the Top 3 Destinations for Romance

MALTA in the Top 3 Destinations for Romance

MALTA tra le prime 3 destinazioni al mondo per espatriare e preferite da entrambi i partners della coppia

Malta is a country very attractive for your partner as well and with MALTAway much more

The majority of expats in the Philippines and Thailand is in a relationship with a local resident. Many expats in Malta, Israel, and Panama have a partner who is also an expat.

This section takes a closer look at the ten countries where expats are most satisfied with their romantic relationship. Latin American and Asian countries are the most common destinations for expats lucky in love. Ecuador tops the list, followed by Costa Rica, Malta, Israel, and the Philippines. Indonesia, Panama, Thailand, Portugal, and Mexico round out the top ten destinations for romance.

Did more expats in these countries move abroad for their partner’s job or for love? Indeed, there are more Traveling Spouses in Indonesia (12%) and Panama (13%) than the global average (9%). In half of these top countries for love, the Romantic is overrepresented compared to the worldwide survey population, with numbers ranging from 11% (Mexico) to 18% (Malta).

In all top ten countries for romance, the average age of all participants is between three and twelve years above that of the general survey population (40.9 years). In Costa Rica, Ecuador, and the Philippines, a majority of all respondents (between 51% and 56%) are aged 51 or older.

Worldwide, 53% of respondents are women and 47% are men. Portugal, Malta, and Israel have considerably more female participants, with percentages between 62% and 72%. Thailand (65%) and especially the Philippines (74%), however, have a much higher percentage of men.

Top 10 Places for Expat Romance - infographic


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