Malta at the forefront of public sector digital strategy

Findings corroborate recent leading European surveys that place Malta at the forefront in terms of public sector digital strategy.

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Malta has a favourable level of relative maturity in public sector digital transformation, with only 8% of respondents indicating that Malta was still in an early stage of maturity compared to an overall survey average of 26%.

The results of a Deloitte digital global survey, “The Journey to Government’s Digital Transformation”, were based on the results of a survey amongst 1,200 government officials from over 70 countries.

Presenting the report and Malta-specific findings, Raphael Aloisio, Deloitte Malta Financial Advisory Leader, said Malta had played an important part in the survey, where results paint a clear picture of national digital strategies and “corroborate recent leading European surveys that place Malta at the forefront in terms of public sector digital strategy.”

Whilst a majority of local respondents believe that digital technologies afford an opportunity to improve their organisation’s ability to respond to threats and opportunities and that their development is ahead of the private sector, only 37% believe that the level of investment in this area has increased over the past year.

Godfrey Vella, Digital Malta Governing Board Chairman and Malta Digital Champion said: “We are heartened by the fact that the results of the independent survey, undertaken by a highly respected international entity such as Deloitte, have validated our own perceptions of the achievements stemming from our Digital Malta Strategy whilst also highlighting areas which we acknowledge may require increased focus.”

Parliamentary Secretary for competitiveness José Herrera said the results clearly demonstrate the sustained investment made in digital technology.

“The majority of local respondents believe that Malta has a clear and coherent digital strategy and that digital technology will afford us the opportunity to face up to the challenges that lie ahead. An effective digital strategy goes hand in hand with Government’s initiatives to simplify public sector administrative processes, improve efficiency and reduce bureaucracy.”

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