Why working in Malta from people point of view

Why working in Malta from people point of view


You can read here below a very practical and real scheme of a typical ICT business with operations in 3 different countries (MALTA, UK, NL), showing the whys od Malta attractiveness from people-skills-quality-life point of view…..because without the right people you do not have any business

Maltaway is here to help you to relocate and invest in Malta, for yourself, your business, your wealth, your people….how can I help you?

KPMG Crimsonwing (ICT) is present in three countries – England, the Netherlands and Malta. The office in Malta serves as a solution centre with a core focus on developing solutions for the other two offices. Therefore, highly skilled Information Technology (IT) people form the backbone of the Malta office.

In our Malta office, we have a number of non-Maltese people who re-located to Malta. What is it like to live and work in Malta? In this post we list five advantages of living and working in Malta:

1.  people

English is one of the official languages of Malta. According to the Eurobarometer report ‘Europeans and their languages’ issued in 2012, 89% of the Maltese population are able to hold a conversation using the English language. The same report outlines how this figure is amongst the highest in the European Union. This should ensure a smoother transition for people who chose to re-locate and work in Malta.

2. Safe

In terms of crime rate, Malta is a safe place to live in. In fact, according to crime statistics issued by Eurostat, Malta’s recorded rate is amongst the lowest in Europe.

3. Climate

Malta’s warm and sunny climate is possibly one of the reasons why many travellers chose to visit Malta. Summer in Malta lasts until October and spring begins in late February. Winter is relatively warm but summer can be very hot with temperatures ranging from 28°C to 34°C. To compensate for the high summer temperatures, people have the luxury to choose from a variety of beaches.

4. Entertainment

Malta offers plenty of entertainment options. Whether you are a fan of arts, theatre, boat trips, hiking, shopping, diving, swimming or simply enjoying a relaxing night out, Malta has what you are looking for.

5. Rich history

One can visit various historic sites, three of which – Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, City of Valletta, and Megalithic Temples are inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Megalithic Temples were built during different time periods from 3600 BC to 700 BC. Valletta was built after the Great Siege and the city itself is linked with the order of St John and with the history of the military.

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