No sheep, No leaders

Less sheep you have, more peripheral the leaders are. This is the best biologically performing models in nature, corporations and human organizations. Learn from reality, not from manipulated human world the great Governance

Radical Board of Directors for Mad Time

Radical Board of Directors for Mad Time, re-balance the strategy-governance scale MALTAway is your way to Corporate & Assets Governance, World Class, MALTA, Worldwide What’s a typical independent director’s worst nightmare? My guess is that while a poor balance sheet might cause restless sleep, it’s the thought of an incorrectly reported balance sheet that brings on night…

Pros and Cons of replacing paper currency with e-currency

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Paper currency is deeply ingrained in the public’s image of government and country, and any attempt to change long-standing monetary conventions raises a host of complex issues. Despite huge and ongoing technological advances in electronic transactions technologies, it has remained surprisingly durable, even if its major uses seem to be…

The ‘hidden’ benefits of migration

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Would you expect schools to fare well on a cost-benefit analysis if we ignored any gains to the under-18s? Or would hospitals look like a good investment if we counted only the advantages to non-patients? Yet it seems that migration may still be mildly beneficial even after disqualifying any benefit to…

The theory (and rational) behind Quantitative Easing explained

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The primary channel through which LSAPs appear to work is the risk premium on the asset being purchased. By purchasing a particular asset, the Federal Reserve reduces the amount of the security that the private sector holds, displacing some investors and reducing the holdings of others, while simultaneously increasing the…

‘Made in China’ recession

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The world economy will remain vulnerable to adversity until China has completed its transition to a more balanced pattern of growth, and the high-income economies have recovered from their crises. That is still far away. A global growth-recession scenario “made in China” is perfectly plausible.

Wolf on liquidity and conventional wisdom

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If liquidity is such a fickle friend, should we hanker after it at all? Would it not be better if investors understood that the assets they own might not be liquid in all circumstances and made investment decisions on that assumption?