Finding the Money in the Internet of Things

More generally, companies are still deploying IOT as an optimization technology – a technology that can incrementally, and perhaps even significantly, improve performance, but that leaves the core nature of the business untouched. Here’s an interesting thought: what about harnessing the potential of this technology to disruptentire markets and industries?

The data and insight generated from IoT, if properly harnessed, has the potential to unseat incumbents if they’re not the first to realize this opportunity. In certain markets like the automobile industry, IoT might be a catalyst for shifting from ownership to sharing models of business, disrupting the economics of traditional product vendors. Insurance companies might harness IoT to identify lower-risk customers and offer these attractive prospects much lower rates, leaving the high-risk customers to competitors.

Bottom line: there’s a lot of money to be made from this promising technology for the companies that know where to look.

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Time for deflation? Yes of course for the inflated job titles in the Investment banking arena, is finally a new bubble bursting? Goldman Sachs Just Says ‘Vice President’ to Be Polite

Time for deflation? Yes of course for the inflated job titles in the Investment banking arena, is finally a new bubble bursting? Goldman Sachs Just Says ‘Vice President’ to Be Polite

Goldman’s theory, on the other hand, is that “vice president” is a “courtesy title” handed out to roughly one-third of its employees, and of course they’re not all officers

There are thousands of them, and they are called that mainly to reassure clients that the awfully young-looking person running their merger is a senior executive and global head of something or other, and can therefore be trusted to make important decisions with no adult supervision

Global (or U.S., or European, or …) head of something or other is an even more abused title than vice president. At this point people have mostly figured out that there are a lot of VPs, but the benefits of the global-head title are that:

It is unique, in the sense that there can be only one global head of any particular thing,

It is infinitely expandable, in the sense that there are unlimited things to be global head of, and

It is entirely informal and can be made up on the spot.

So, well…….time for deflation indeed