Also a personalized Advisory Online service,

an effective solution for the internationalization, because your roots are NOT the belly-button of the world anymore

logo-malta-way-mod3dscrittaWe are at your disposal to assist you in a professional path, from the analysis and planning phase to the delivery of the transfer to Malta or other jurisdictions of people, Pension, HNWIs, assets, corporations, with the identification of the most suitable solutions based on compliance and your specific Income and Wealth profile, through specific advisory packages.

We will be able to evaluate together your specific needs and provide you with the appropriate answers to identify the services offered by MALTAway and benchmarking Malta’s opportunities with other European or non-EU countries

The Transfer to the best Jurisdictions of capital, brains, energy and skills does not stop, here in Malta and from Malta, the best people and Corporations can find a professional ecosystem for the services you need for your true internationalization.
We can offer you our full advisory services:

  • To analyze the pros and cons
  • To decide in a conscious manner
  • To implement the decision in a professional manner


Many international customers require a professional, compliant, secure, fast approach to go through global regulations, and we offer

Also a personalized Advisory Online service,

with an analysis of specific individual needs and identification of opportunities and solutions offered by relocating yourself, assets or business in Malta, an International Advisory Service with Malta’s solutions and opportunities compared to different countries in Europe or extra EU:
Structured Questions & Answers Sessions:

• You write us your questions on a form 

• Each question is rated at Level 1, 2 or 3 at the respective costs 

• You confirm your quote and make the payment

• We provide you with telephone answers  

By submitting the form, we will provide you with the most fitting answers matching your profile



MALTA centro finanziario ed hub europeo, la reputazione cresce insieme alle dimensioni e ai servizi qualificati del settore

MALTA centro finanziario per investimenti ed hub europeo, la reputazione cresce insieme alle dimensioni e ai servizi qualificati del settore

La reputazione di Malta, largamente riconosciuta come un sicuro e promettente centro finanziario, si rafforza continuamente nel tempo, grazie anche alla significativa presenza delle maggiori società e marchi di Revisione, Corporate Services, Business Advisory e Management Consulting.

A Malta sta crescendo di pari passo la lista delle banche globali, dei centri di Wealth & Trust management, degli studi legali internazionali che stanno affiancando le qualificate strutture locali con esperienza internazionale.

Il contesto regolatorio è sostenuto e sviluppato dalla presenza di un Ente Regolatore di riconosciuta reputazione e affidabilità

MALTAway è il tuo accesso per la tua base finanziaria e dei servizi finance a Malta, siamo in Europa….le barriere sono cadute, rimangono quelle nella testa degli individui

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