MALTAway Xmas Greetings


MALTAway Xmas Greetings

from Malta to the world … in a different way

for Life, for Business, for Investments




Trasferire a Malta la residenza, la tua vita, i tuoi familiari, il tuo business, il tuo patrimonio, significa migliorare la gestione del tuo rischio

Corporate & Assets Governance, World Class, MALTA, Worldwide
Siamo a vostra disposizione per assistervi in un percorso professionale, dalla fase di analisi e pianificazione fino all’effettiva esecuzione del trasferimento a Malta e nel mondo di persone, assets, ridomiciliazione o costituzione di societa’, con individuazione delle soluzioni piu’ idonee al proprio profilo reddituale e patrimoniale, attraverso pacchetti di advisory specifici.

Potremo valutare insieme le vostre specifiche necessità e fornirvi le risposte adeguate per identificare i servizi offerti da MALTAway e le opportunità di Malta rispetto all’Italia e ad altri paesi in Europa o extra Europei

Il trasferimento verso migliori sistemi Paese di capitali, cervelli, energie e competenze non si ferma, qui a Malta e da Malta solo geograficamente vicina all’Italia, trovi un ecosistema di professionisti per i servizi necessari per la tua vera internazionalizzazione.
Noi ti possiamo offrire i nostri servizi di advisory completi:

Per analizzare i pro e i contro
Per decidere in modo consapevole
Per implementare la decisione in modo professionale

Why US and not Europe or Asia are leading the Corporate world, Google has a new CEO, Sundar Pichai

Why US and not Europe or Asia are leading the Corporate world, Google has a new CEO, Sundar Pichai

Could you just only imagine to have this guy as the new CeO of the biggest listed Italian corporation in Italy ( in any case remember it ‘ll be 1000 times far away from Google capitalization) ???

NOoooooo for sure, and that’s why Italy has already failed as a country, as a system as a model.
The main reason is that Italians always feel to be the number 1….we do not need others….
The problem is not to be proud of yourself, but to perceive and react to the diversity (the key concept under the biological evolution theory) and different thinking not as values, but simply as a dangerous risk and as a threat to the status quo…..

This homologous cultural model is the perfect fitting way to lead the country on the path of the extinction, because you cannot attract what you don’t want.
This kind of countries, are systematically reducing their attraction capacity and their talent base, being unable to capture the best people from the world and instead reducing the diversity inside their teams.

It is very tough to be aware about it, but my advice is to move and live in a country really engaged with the practice of Collaborative Intelligence (Thinking with People who think differently) and you will evolve as well with the people and the environment around you …..and that matters a lot.


collaborative intelligence

Former Chrome and Android head Sundar Pichai will be Google’s CEO.

Many are still unfamiliar with Google’s new chief executive, who first joined Google in 2004 and eventually worked his way up to be Page’s right-hand man.

Originally from Tamil Nadu, one of India’s 29 states, Pichai studied at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, where he received a Bachelor of Technology.

He then received a M.S. from Stanford and obtained an MBA from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. At Wharton, Pichai was honored as a Siebel Scholar and a Palmer Scholar.

Before his first job at Google, Pichai worked at Applied Materials as an engineer and then at McKinsey & Company in management consulting.

Sundar Pichai