MALTA, Europe & OECD harmonisation & compliance. Why act differently?

Malta offers a regulatory framework that is fully harmonised with EU & OECD rules yet offers a sophisticated, flexible and uniquely attractive platform for the financial services industry, ICT, IGaming & much more…

MALTaway is your way to entry the Malta world.

Business in the sunshine, is Transparent Business with a sunny weather

MALTAway is Board, Governance & Investments – New way for Global thinking & Local Actions


European Bond Market: Bubble of all Bubbles!

European Bond Market: Bubble of all Bubbles!


Some exceptions apart, like Malta (see the last GDP data), no competitiveness without structural reforms

Mario Draghi even alluded to this in his speech last week, that he can only do so much for what ails Europe, and the real solution for European growth must come in the form of structural reforms, and making these countries more competitive like South Korea, China and the United States on a global competiveness scale; shoot even Mexico is starting to get their act together compared to Europe