MALTA: wild huge Tuna in the city

MALTA: wild huge Tuna in the city

You can experience a swim in a Tuna Farm as well…visit Malta with MALTAway Viaggi no better place and way to live

A huge Tuna fish at the Ta’ Xbiex Marina, wild in the city….

Malta: the best Non-dom Regime in Europe

Malta: the best Non-dom Regime in Europe, with MALTAway advise and solutions

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The UK General Election held in May brought about a surprise outright Conservative Party victory which has been swiftly followed by a Summer Budget from George Osborne which itself contained a few surprises of its own. Whilst some further changes to the ‘non-dom’ regime were expected it is perhaps without exaggeration to suggest that of all the announcements the swift cutting of permanent non-dom status may hurt those affected the most.

Non-dom status in the UK has hitherto provided a very attractive proposition for wealthy individuals able to attain that status and conferred upon them, rightly or wrongly, a number of tax benefits otherwise inaccessible to UK resident and domiciled individuals.  In broad terms, the changes announced in the Budget mean that a non-dom is no longer able to remain resident in the UK for any more than 15 years before paying tax in the UK on all of their worldwide assets.  The ability to previously shelter non-UK assets from UK tax coupled with all the non-tax benefits of living in the UK has made it a very attractive base for UHNWIs and their families to reside, invest and build businesses there.

So, if the tax changes erode the attractiveness of the UK as a place for non-doms to live, is there a viable alternative and where will this non-dom ‘flight of capital’ flow to?
Malta is consistently ranked as one of the best places in the World to live and offers a high quality Mediterranean lifestyle in a stress-free environment. Malta is a member of the EU and operates a favourable tax regime for individuals and businesses alike.

From a personal tax perspective, Malta offers an attractive non-dom regime whereby expatriates who take up residence in Malta are only taxed on foreign source income to the extent that this is remitted to Malta, whilst capital transfers into the country are not taxable at all.  This is a basic feature of Malta’s tax system which was inherited from the British, albeit Malta’s non-dom regime does not carry any annual charge and provides certainty insofar as an individual being able to maintain non-dom status permanently.

Many expatriates choose one of Malta’s attractive residency schemes to benefit from the non-dom rules.  As a resident of Malta, a primary residential address is required there.

However, it is not uncommon for many individuals to regularly travel overseas and simply use Malta as their home base.  There is no statutory, minimum limit on the number of days a person is required to be in Malta and so in general terms one simply needs to avoid spending too much time in any one other country to avoid the risk of being deemed a dual tax resident.

Below is a summary of the main residence options available in Malta:

  1. Ordinary residence in Malta: This is available to both EU/EEA/Swiss and non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals, although the qualifying criteria are much easier for the former than for the latter.
  2. Special residence programme (for both EU and non-EU nationals): Beneficiaries are subject to a beneficial flat tax rate of 15% on foreign remitted income, with a minimum tax liability of €15,000 p.a.
  3. Malta retirement programme:  Beneficiaries are subject to a beneficial flat tax rate of 15% on foreign remitted income that is received by them or any of their dependants, subject to an annual minimum tax liability of €7,500 and an additional €500 for any dependant / special carer.
  4. Highly Qualified Persons programme (for senior professionals in the Financial Services, Gaming and Aviation industries, both EU and non-EU): Eligible applicants enjoy a beneficial 15% tax on their employment income for a specified number of years, and pay no income tax on any earnings exceeding €5,000,000.
  5. United Nations pensions programme (for both EU and non-EU nationals): This new programme exempts beneficiaries who are in receipt of a pension or a widow(er)’s benefit from the United Nations, and offers a beneficial flat tax rate of 15% on any other foreign remitted income.

In addition to the above, Malta offers an Individual Investor Programme (IIP) which allows for the granting of full citizenship status, through a certificate of naturalisation – subject to a very strict due diligence process – to individuals who make a contribution to the economic and social development of Malta.  This is an attractive proposition for wealthy non-EU citizens who wish to benefit from full EU citizenship, which confers a number of important rights, including the right to move freely in all 28 EU countries and visa-free travel to more than 160 countries.

So, whilst London may be seen as a ‘cooler’ place to live than Malta, you can still have your cake and eat it by moving there and enjoying its wonderful lifestyle and still being able to spend time in London, Paris, Milan …… Malta gives you choices that non-doms in the UK are fast running out of.

Malta Ranked Best Places to Retire in Europe

Malta Ranked Best Places to Retire in Europe

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Half of the Top 25 Best Places to Retire Are in Latin America

Despite all the mainstream’s media scaremongering, Latin America managed to place 13 countries in the top 25 best countries to retire.

Following Ecuador’s first-place finish, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia ranked second, third, fifth and eighth, respectively, while Uruguay, Belize, Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras, Chile, Dominican Republic and Guatemala also joined the top 25.

Panama came in second thanks to its unique Pensionado Visa, a residency permit for retirees who make more than $1,000 per month in pension.

This particular visa grants holders a range of discounts “including 20% off medical services, 50% off entertainment, 25% off restaurant meals, 25% off air fare, and 25% off electricity and phone bills,” says Jessica Ramesch, IL’s Panama Editor.

Colombia, South America’s numero dos, is praised for its affordable yet world-class healthcare system.

Michael Evans, IL’s Colombia Correspondent, said, “In a 2014 survey, 18 Colombian medical institutions ranked among the top 45 in Latin America. According to the World Health Organization, Colombia actually has better health care than the United States or Canada.”

Ayuthaya, Thailand

Ayuthaya, Thailand

Malaysia and Thailand: Where to Retire in Asia!

Malaysia and Thailand represent Asia in the top ten, coming in fourth and tenth as best countries to retire.

Malaysia boasts of great cultural diversity and an exceedingly cheap cost of living with rent for a large apartment with swimming pool running at about $850 per month. Its location is also ideal to explore the rest of Southeast Asia and English is widely spoken.

Besides its delectable cuisine and natural beauty, Thailand also appeals to retirees with its low-cost healthcare system. According to IL, teeth can be cared for with $30 and a basic health insurance runs for $300.

Spain, Malta, & Portugal Ranked Best Places to Retire in Europe

In Europe, the Mediterranean dominates, placing Spain (6th), Malta (7th), and Portugal (9th) in the top 10 best countries to retire in.

These countries share many commonalities that make them preferred retirements havens. Even though they are more expensive than the Latin American or Asian countries, plenty of sunshine, culture, and outdoor activities, a wealth of cuisine and reasonably priced (for Europe) real estate make them an attractive option for many retirees.

Who Tops International Living’s List?

(Grades are out of 100)

#1 Ecuador – 92.7

Galapagos Islands Buying & Renting 100
Benefits & Discounts 96
Cost of Living 92
Fitting In 95
Entertainment & Amenities 98
Healthcare 82
Infrastructure 78
Climate 100
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

#2 Panama – 90.6

Panama Canal Buying & Renting 80
Benefits & Discounts 100
Cost of Living 91
Fitting In 97
Entertainment & Amenities 100
Healthcare 89
Infrastructure 84
Climate 85
Panama Canal

#3 Mexico – 87.6

El Castillo (The Kukulkan Temple) of Chichen Itza, mayan pyramid in Yucatan, Mexico Buying & Renting 80
Benefits & Discounts 80
Cost of Living 90
Fitting In 95
Entertainment & Amenities 97
Healthcare 84
Infrastructure 85
Climate 89
Chichen Itza, Mexico

#4 Malaysia – 86.8

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia Buying & Renting 81
Benefits & Discounts 66
Cost of Living 90
Fitting In 97
Entertainment & Amenities 96
Healthcare 94
Infrastructure 95
Climate 76
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

#5 Costa Rica – 86.6

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica Buying & Renting 84
Benefits & Discounts 76
Cost of Living 90
Fitting In 97
Entertainment & Amenities 97
Healthcare 89
Infrastructure 82
Climate 78
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

#6 Spain – 86.1

Leon bridge in the Spanish Square (Plaza de Espana), Sevilla, Spain Buying & Renting 84
Benefits & Discounts 70
Cost of Living 89
Fitting In 84
Entertainment & Amenities 93
Healthcare 87
Infrastructure 100
Climate 83
Sevilla, Spain

#7 Malta – 86.1

Buying & Renting 78
Benefits & Discounts 84
Cost of Living 87
Fitting In 100
Entertainment & Amenities 78
Healthcare 86
Infrastructure 93
Climate 82
St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta in Malta

#8 Colombia – 85.4

San Agustin, Colombia Buying & Renting 84
Benefits & Discounts 68
Cost of Living 90
Fitting In 82
Entertainment & Amenities 91
Healthcare 88
Infrastructure 85
Climate 95
San Agustin, Colombia

#9 Portugal – 84.8

Lisbon cityscape, Portugal Buying & Renting 79
Benefits & Discounts 74
Cost of Living 90
Fitting In 86
Entertainment & Amenities 88
Healthcare 81
Infrastructure 98
Climate 82
Lisbon, Portugal

#10 Thailand – 84.6

Phanom Rung, Thailand Buying & Renting 76
Benefits & Discounts 68
Cost of Living 92
Fitting In 94
Entertainment & Amenities 100
Healthcare 89
Infrastructure 79
Climate 79
Phanom Rung, Thailand

Who Rounds Out the Top 25?

International Living Magazine's 2015 The World's Best Places to Retire.

Source: International Living Magazine’s 2015 Global Retirement Index – The World’s Best Places to Retire.

Best Countries to Retire: BBC Capital & The Telegraph

UK newspaper, The Telegraph, also released its own ranking, which surprisingly does not match International Living’s annual index.

In the UK publication’s list, Malta, Portugal and Spain took gold, silver and bronze as best places to retire. These Mediterranean locations were followed by Barbados, the USA, Australia, Thailand, Jamaica, Morocco and Greece, all countries (except for Thailand) that failed to make IL’s top 25.

On the other hand, BBC Capital listed their top destinations, all of which appear in IL’s annual index. Their unranked suggestions of best countries to retire in include Panama, Thailand, Malta, Belize, France Portugal and Malaysia.

MALTA: here we are under the blue sky and 300+ sunny days

MALTA: here we are under the blue sky and 300+ sunny days


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On 4 August at 10:00 UTC the Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager (SEVIRI) instrument aboard MSG-4 delivered its first image of the Earth.

MSG-4 is now in the commissioning phase, which will continue for approximately seven months. In this section, you can follow the commissioning status of the satellite, plus images and video for the launch campaign. After commissioning MSG-4 will be stored in orbit.


MSG-4, successfully launched at 21:42 (UTC) on Wednesday 15 July 2015. It is the fourth and final satellite in the Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) series of geostationary satellites, which provides data needed for the ‘nowcasting’ of high impact weather.



Malta’s main port is known as the Grand Harbour.

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TRAVEL: HISTORY CULTURE TRADITION IN MALTA: a country rich with 7000 years long history and culture with Neolithic temples, medieval towns, picturesque villages, churches and cathedrals but also beautiful from a naturalistic point of view with its blue sea, the Caribbean lagoons, beaches, its cliffs that make the island a unique and complete location

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Tourism chiefs say 2015 is set to be a record year for cruise liner traffic in Malta with more than 630,000 cruise passengers expected to visit Valletta.

Port of Valletta bags yet another award

For the fourth consecutive year Valletta Cruise Port has been named as the Best Turnaround Port Operator 2014 by Cruise Insight. This award recognises the impeccable service delivered by the port, and the continued development of its facilities in the last years.

“It is our pleasure to be receiving such an award. Valletta Cruise Port is constantly striving to excel in its service delivery and raise the bar year on year,” commented Valletta Cruise Port’s CEO Stephen Xuereb.

Valletta Cruise Port representatives along with other stakeholders were attending Cruise Shipping Miami 2015, the cruise industry’s most authoritative professional showcase. High passenger satisfaction ratings and recognition of Valletta’s value-based port services and facilities were highlighted by all levels of senior management within the cruise lines.

Stephen Xuereb of Valletta Cruise Port said the Grand Harbour has become one of the most important cruise ports in Europe.

He said: ‘The key drivers in this business are location, location and location. We are in the middle of the Mediterranean.

‘This aspect can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, but it mostly works to our advantage.

‘We also benefit from the fact that the cruise lines are berthing at the destination itself.

‘The unique natural beauty of the Grand Harbour, including our dedicated passenger terminal, is another plus considering that in other destinations ships are often berthed in commercial ports.

‘The Maltese economy at large is the greatest beneficiary of the unparalleled growth that the Valletta Cruise Port is experiencing.

‘In fact, in 2014 the cruise business contributed €82 million to the Maltese economy, of which €26 million were in the form of direct and indirect taxes’.



Malta has beaches for everyone, from windsurfers to sunbathers. Some beaches and rocky shores are off the beaten track, but worth seeking out for their seclusion. Do not miss a boat trip to Comino’s Blue Lagoon for the ultimate in azure water. On larger beaches, you will find cafes or snack bars open during the summer season. With Malta’s climate, beach life lasts well into October. Enjoy water sports and activities like

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A stunning video featuring some of Malta’s most beautiful beaches has gone viral after appearing on Bay Easy’s Facebook page.

The breathtaking footage filmed using a drone camera was commissioned by the Malta Tourism Authority.

The video, which is now on YouTube, highlights the sandy beaches at Riviera Bay in Ghajn Tuffieha as well as Ghadira Bay in Mellieha and Anchor Bay next to Popeye Village.

Beach lovers are seeing waving to camera as it flies by in the sunshine.

A spokesman for the Malta Tourism Authority said: ‘Malta has beaches for everyone, from windsurfers to sunbathers.

‘Some beaches and rocky shores are off the beaten track, but worth seeking out for their seclusion.’

Surveys show that Malta’s most popular beaches with tourists are Mellieħa Bay, Għajn Tuffieħa and Golden Bay.

But if you fancy a quieter beach try Paradise Bay, Armier Bay, or Ramla Bay in Gozo.,-sea-and-sand-malta-s-most-beautiful-beaches-from-the-air.html

Read more: Visit Malta



Maltese consumers remain more optimistic than their Eurozone counterparts, according to new figures from the EU.

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The latest European Commission survey ranks Malta with the highest level of optimism for the 13th month in a row, well ahead of Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

The survey, which gathered information from businesses and consumers, showed that the Malta’s so-called Economic Sentiment Index reached 114, 14% higher than the Eurozone average.

In a statement, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said: ‘Maltese families are amongst the few in Europe who claim that their financial situation has improved and who are predicting further improvements in the coming months.

‘Families are so optimistic that they are expecting the unemployment rate to decrease even further, despite it already having reached a historic low.’,-says-study.html