TAX and LEADERS compliance

TAX & Leaders, you have to be compliant when is regarding yourself:

Former Real Madrid and Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho has pleaded guilty to tax fraud and will have to pay a 2.2 million Euro fine in Spain.
Portuguese and Juventus football star Cristiano Ronaldo recently pleaded guilty to tax fraud in Spain.
Basic and simple, Spain is a country with the worldwide taxation regime, like Italy, CH, Portugal, France, USA and many others.
That’s not the case for Malta in EU, where you can take up a residence scheme as a non-dom

MALTA way offers you the services of legal advisory for the residence scheme, on the basis of the different formats required by existing rules of the Maltese Regulations, according to the different applicants subjective profiles and citizenship

We advise and assist global corporations and Entrepreneurs to relocate – to Malta, Europe and the best jurisdiction – the company and their executives or employees, professionals, families, individuals, HNWIs and retirees as well

MALTAway partners are Authorised Registered Mandatories for MALTA Inland Revenue/MFSA

The dominant cultures, have led us to conceive that in the center of the world there are the concepts of state, country, ethnic group ….

Actually, at the center of the world there is the INDIVIDUAL, the person with his skills and his relationships, with its heritage of values, knowledge and financials. no borders international advisory partners your hub for a re-location of business, assets and citizens

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