Scheduit: The business networking revolution

Scheduit: The business networking revolution

Come Tinder, ma per il business, basata a Malta

Beta testing durante Malta’s RC44 Valletta Cup

A MALTA si trovano persone e iniziative davvero interessanti, frutto del lavoro di un mixer capace di estrarre dalla diversità culturale, di esperienze e di visione del futuro, l’energia e le iniziative imprenditoriali digitali che solo pochi posti nel mondo sanno dare

Guardate in profondità questo esempio di Scheduit e del suo fondatore e capirete perchè contattarci per accompagnarvi nell’esperienza di trasferirsi a vivere a Malta con i nostri consigli pratici per investire, lavorare a Malta e tutto il supporto che vi serve che siate un impresa o un professionista o un investitore

Imagine an app that combines the magic efficiency of online dating with the serious task of creating real business relationships.

There is one. It’s called Scheduit.

And it’s coming soon.

Scheduit ( lets you schedule business meetings with compatible people wherever you are in the world.

It’s simple: announce your presence, find someone compatible, schedule a meeting.

It’s like Tinder, but for business.

Scheduit is a new web-based app that uses your work-related data (such as your LinkedIn profile) to help you match with other professionals who are available at the same time and place.

It’s especially useful for business travellers who want to maximise the potential of their time abroad instead of wasting time in their hotel room or leaving it to chance about who they’ll meet.

By applying the principles of match-making online, Scheduit promises to revolutionise business networking in a fun, easy and effective way, using 21st century technology to help build relationships worth investing in.

Scheduit, a web platform that works as a desktop site and as an app, is in beta stage and will be launched in the coming weeks.


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