MALTA: 2015 PUBLIC SECTOR SALARIES…il concetto di public servant NON applicato all’Italia

MALTA: 2015 PUBLIC SECTOR SALARIES…il concetto di public servant NON applicato all’Italia

…a ognuno le sue spine !!!

Guardate con attenzione questi dati…. e pensate ai salari degli incarichi pubblici dal vostro comune in sù e vergognatevi di accettare questo stato di cose… siete solo complici

Per il resto vi aspetto a Malta per vivere, investire, lavorare e essere compliant con MALTAway

Usually, the data is only released by ministers who are open to putting these tax-funded salaries in the public domain; or upon request of MPs in the House of Representatives.

Sometimes, certain ministers adamantly refuse to issue public appointment salaries. Because of the lack of transparency, it is impossible to quantify like-with-like salaries. For example, some appointees’ salaries do not include their annual performance bonuses, which could be up to 15% of their annual salary, and other duty allowances.

Others have had their full remuneration and benefits published in PQs. For some other appointments, government ministries furnished us with the data.


Name Entity Salary Role
Philip Micallef Air Malta €125,000 CEO
Vincent Mifsud MIMCOL/MGI €119,599 Exec. Chairman
Joseph Cuschieri Malta Gaming Authority €114,000 Exec. Chairman
Frederick Azzopardi Enemalta €95,000 Exec. Chairman
Josef Bonnici Central Bank Malta €85,000 Governor
Mario Vella Malta Enterprise €85,000 Exec. Chairman
Marianne Scicluna Malta Financial Services Authority €85,000 Director General
James Piscopo Transport Malta €85,000 Exec. Chairman
Ivan Falzon Mater Dei Hospital €84,000 CEO
Joseph V. Bannister Malta Financial Services Authority €82,105 Chairman
Peter Grech Attorney General €78,955 Attorney General
Paul Bugeja Malta Tourism Authority €76,400 CEO
Jonathan Cardona Identity Malta €75,000 CEO
Anton Attard Public Broadcasting Services €74,466 CEO
Marie Louise Coleiro Preca President of the Republic €71,000 Head of State
Tony Sultana MITA €70,212 Chairman
Joseph Muscat Prime Minister €68,000 Prime Minister
Johann Buttigieg MEPA €66,193 CEO
Carmen Camilleri Ciantar ARMS €65,919 General Manager
Alfred Grixti Foundation for Social Welfare Services €62,700 CEO
Clifton Grima Mount Carmel €60,000 CEO
Kenneth Gambin Heritage Malta €59,579 CEO
Marcel Pizzuto MCCAA €57,011 Exec. Chairman
James Camenzuli Foundation for Medical Services €57,000 CEO
Stephen Cachia Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology €57,000 CEO
James Camenzuli Foundation for Medical Services €57,000 CEO
Tonio Montebello WasteServ €56,452 CEO
Lou Bondì National Committee for Festivities €54,000 Consultant
Phyllis Muscat CHOGM task force €52,724 Head
Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando Malta Council for Science and Technology €51,789 Exec. Chairman
Aaron Farrugia Malta Freeport Corporation €50,723 CEO
Philip Rizzo ETC €50,440 CEO
Pierre Fenech Mediterranean Conference Centre €48,180 CEO
Adrian Said Projects Malta €43,000 Exec. Chairman
Emanuel Camilleri Privatisation Unit €42,500 Chairman
Lawrence Mizzi IPSL €42,105 CEO
Stephen McCarthy Housing Authority €42,012 CEO
Silvio Schembri Responsible Gaming Fondation €39,000 Chairman
Peter Paul Zammit Chief security national events €38,937 CEO
Michael Cassar Commissioner of Police €38,937 Commissioner
Albert Marshall Malta Council for Culture and the Arts €38,494 CEO
Engelbert Grech Malta Film Commission €38,000 Commissioner
Mark Camilleri National Book Council €37,713 Exec. Chairman
Anthony Agius Decelis Commissioner Against Bureacracy €37,000 Commissioner
Miriam Theuma Agenzija Zghazagh €33,869 CEO
Emanuel Buhagiar Commission for Animal Welfare €32,239 Commissioner
Helen d’Amato Commmission for Children €30,700 Commissioner
Joe Cordina Gozo Channel €30,000 Exec. Chairman
Charles Buhagiar BICC €29,101 Chairman
Mario Friggieri Refugee Commission €27,764 Commissioner
Luciano Busuttil Kunsill Malta ghall-Isport €24,800 Chairman
Edward Woods Malta Communications Authority €22,800 Chairman
Silvio Parnis Consultative Council for South €22,000 Chairman
Antoinette Vassallo Housing Authority €20,100 Chairman
Anthony J. Tabone Broadcasting Corporation €19,709 Chairman
Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation €18,816 Chairman
Vince Cassar MEPA €18,724 Chairman
Franco Debono Commissioner of Laws €18,401 Commissioner
Maria Muscat Air Malta €18,000 Chairman
Robert Sarsero Malta Freeport Corporation €18,000 Chairman
Gavin Gulia Malta Tourism Authority €18,000 Chairman
Prof. Albert Leone Ganado Malta Statistics Authority €16,975 Chairman
Joseph Cuschieri Malta Gaming Authority €16,793 Chairman
Deo Debattista OHSA €14,000 Chairman
Joseph Portelli Malta Stock Exchange €13,976 Chairman
Charles Mizzi Kordin Grain Terminal €13,976 Chairman
Philip Sciberras Embryo Protection Authority €13,954 Chairman
Tony Zahra Malta Industrial Parks €13,000 Chairman
David Borg WasteServ €13,000 Chairman
Jason Micallef Valletta2018 €13,000 Chairman
Martin Scicluna National Commission for Higher Education €12,460 Chairman
Carmen Fearne Children & Young Persons Advisory Board €10,000 Chairman
Oliver Scicluna National Commission Person with a Disability €6,988 Chairman
Peter Grech Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit €4,660 Chairman
Yana Micallef Stafrace Commission for Domestic Violence €2,329 Chairman
Philip Sciberras Management Committee St Vincent de Paule €2,329 Chairman

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